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cHi-cHi's blog! ♪

I am jumping in the air, because I am so happy! Let's play together tomorrow, too!

WELCOME to my website! ☆〜

I'm Valerie SparkleMoon . . . The Celestial Wolf Angel Magical Girl Princess from Outer-Space!

You can also call me Chi-Chi~ (^.^)☆ It's short for my online username, chitter17! I've had this username since 2014, when I first started playing Animal Jam!

The character you see all around this website is my fursona, C.H.i.L.i-- Cute. Happy. In-Love. Idol. She's a fox-caracal with wings! She has a feral, anthro, and humanoid form-- That way, everyone can enjoy drawing her! ٩( ᐛ )و

If you want to learn more about her... CLICK HERE!

Valerie is dating
Nina The Killer from Creepypasta!

Website Plans!

  • Add a working clock and calander
  • Finish my self-ship page
  • Start on interests, web graphics, and friends pages
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